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Tracking inspiration, land candidates and cob housing thoughts on the mud-hut of our dreams...
(Images are inspiration, not our creation... yet)

Cob, Strawbale, geothermal, wind power, solar, composting toilets, cordwood, Off grid living...
All that & a biodegradable bag of chips.

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  1. "No… not Brain-Freeze! A Brain-Wave!" a la Sgt Nicholas "Angle" Angel

    "No… not Brain-Freeze! A Brain-Wave!" a la Sgt Nicholas "Angle" Angel

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  3. wearetheweaversofasharedreality:

built from recycled auto windshields by Mike Kahn, brother of the Shelter visionary Lloyd Kahn


    built from recycled auto windshields by Mike Kahn, brother of the Shelter visionary Lloyd Kahn

  4. hondaloves:

    The first Honda you can build with your own two hands has arrived. #FitKit

    I’m ashamed how much this commercial speaks to me…. it’s the built with your own hands bit…

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  6. 0rient-express:

Untitled | by Emma Brown.

Paths like this perhaps


    Untitled | by Emma Brown.

    Paths like this perhaps

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  8. homelimag:

    Wood Casting Furniture by Hilla Sharmia

    Molten aluminium and charred wood.

    Now these are respectable chairs.

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  10. smallandtinyhomeideas:

    The Matchbox  | Jay Austin & Boneyard Studios

    Another charred cedar sided cabin

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  12. macedon-ranges-aquaponics:

    Ok guys,
    Its rare that i name a brand or support a brand of any product here unless i truely believe it deserves it. However I have a product that i will openly promote because of the fact that we have used it, and absolutely believe in it.
    We have been experimenting with solar lighting in a rental property because we see it as a non-essential cost drainpipe. So many houses today have multiple fittings with multiple globes per room, and with soaring cost, its crazy.
    I am very very happy to say that we have not had the requirement to flick on the lights in our kitchen and living areas, and have been almost completely electricity free in these areas for the better part of the last two months.
    We have achieved this with the help from ‘Solar Gods’ http://www.solargods.com.au/solar-shop/nokero-solar-light-bulbs/
    We are using 8 Nokero N220’s, (Shavano’s) at them moment, our aim is 12, beaut little solar globes that are just fantastic, we place them out in the mornings and hang them up at night.
    Jobs done.
    Even here in Victoria, Australia with such a small solar footprint we are achieving 4-5hours on the higher of the two settings and on the lower settings up to 8-10hours of use as a night light after a great charging day. And realistically, who needs more than 5 hours of light per night!
    We are using 4 in each of the living areas, they are simple, un-intrusive, and are making a significant impact our our electricity bill.
    If you rent, and are looking for a way to reduce your bills and get off the grid a little bit, I cant recommend these enough.
    These lanterns were born from the necessity in Africa to eliminate the use of highly poisonous and flammable kerosene lamps that are the daily norm in African villages that simply have no power or too poor to afford it. Where the lack of lighting impacts on children’s education and study, where children would cluster at service stations just to read under the lights and needless to say the dangers involved in this.
    Solar Gods are trying to promote these same innovative lanterns to our our indigenous communities in the remote areas of Australia. In my own Indigenous Studies during my degree, i have seen and read and learned about these areas and cant help but see how these little lanterns would make such a difference.

    Solar options

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  14. smallandtinyhomeideas:

    transforming A-frame cabin plans | via Relaxshacks

    Lovely transformer cabin.

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  16. (Source: dmnq8)

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  18. myidealhome:

gothic window for a writing nook (via photo Mark Lohman - Country Living)


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  20. itscolossal:

    Ingenious Doors Open and Close Liked Folded Pieces of Paper. Designed by Klemens Torggler.

    Okay this may actually beat shoji screens as the best doors ever…

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  22. alpenstrasse:

Art nouveau flower shop, Brussels


    Art nouveau flower shop, Brussels

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  24. hqcreations:

    Couple weeks ago, the Hubs and I tried our hands at wood carving. We made bread boards with a decorative acanthus scroll design. It was such a wonderful experience, we decided to level up to carving kitchen utensils!

    These are not 100% handcarved; we used bandsaws and drum sanders to speed up the process for a two day course. The detailed shaping and gouging still took many man hours and frustrated groans. This shit is hard! How often is one made to think about the engineering of a spoon in 3D space? You break one little thing and all those hours can go to hell.

    I think we did a decent job for first timers. They’re not perfectly smooth, balanced, or symmetrical, but they are usable and in the zombie apocalypse, you’d want me around…making you spoons.

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  26. smallandtinyhomeideas:

    Sicily Kolbeck’s TED Talk | via La Petite Maison

    read her article on the Huffington Post | related: inhabitat - WIRED

    smartgirlsattheparty - *seriously* smart, strong & capable girl.

    If she can do it, all of us can too. Her reminder about community is exactly what I needed right now.

  27. natecrowder:



    Peace in the woods

    I would have those books organized and cleaned up so fast!

    Yeah. I could live here. After a good sweeping…

    Perhaps a little of this

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