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Tracking inspiration, land candidates and cob housing thoughts on the mud-hut of our dreams...
(Images are inspiration, not our creation... yet)

Cob, Strawbale, geothermal, wind power, solar, composting toilets, cordwood, Off grid living...
All that & a biodegradable bag of chips.

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  1. tinyhousedarling:

    Man Turns Cargo Trailer Into Transforming Stealth Tiny House

    If Q from the James Bond stories built a tiny house.

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  4. Water wheel driven spit roaster.

    Water wheel driven spit roaster.

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  6. biodiverseed:

    #Edible Forest Gardening 101

    An “herb spiral” garden accommodates for the unique needs of most culinary herbs. Made of stone, cement, brick—or another material with a high heat capacity—the spiral-shaped structure functions to create a series of different microclimates and drainage conditions.

    • Herbs that prefer dry conditions are planted near the top, where drainage is the best (ie. Thyme).
    • Herbs and other plants that prefer hot conditions are planted near the walls, where they take advantage of radiating heat at night (ie. Rosemary).
    • Herbs that prefer sheltered conditions are planted lower on the structure, where they are sheltered from prevailing winds (ie. Dill).
    • Herbs that prefer cool conditions are planted low on the side of the structure that receives less sunlight (ie. Chervil)
    • Herbs that prefer wet conditions are planted near the base of the spiral, to where the water drains (ie. Mint).

    Right now, my herb spiral contains this baffling array or plants:

    Mint (Moroccan, Spearmint, Chocolate, Garden, Water), Thyme (Lemon, Lemon Variegated, Lavender, English), Sage/Salvia (Italian, Purple), Chives (Garden, Chinese, Garlic, and Round-Headed Leek) Curry Plant, Lavender, Rosemary, Tarragon, Oregano, Parsley, Dill, Chervil, Sorrel, Black Cumin, and Coriander.

    DIY herb spiral (steps):

    #herb spiral #DIY #permaculture #edible landscaping #raised beds #herbs

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  8. Handbuilt turned 5 today! - 5 years of cob & tony house inspiration. Here’s to hoping year 6 will be the building year *fingers crossed & making a wish*

    Handbuilt turned 5 today! - 5 years of cob & tony house inspiration. Here’s to hoping year 6 will be the building year *fingers crossed & making a wish*

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  10. paysagearchitectural:


    Architect : Kisho Kurokawa

    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Start Project : 1970

    Project Complete: 1972

    The original tiny home…perhaps.

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  12. Morning


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  14. fuckyeahawesomehouses:

    Serene Chalet Bathrooms

    Tub dreams

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  16. thatkindofwoman:

oh, I love this. 

Hanging shelf, three point support and the wall.


    oh, I love this. 

    Hanging shelf, three point support and the wall.

    (Source: homemadefolk)

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  18. livinginashoebox:

    Four rooms in one

    With the ingenious Matroshka Furniture you get four rooms in one as the living room, bedroom, study and dining room are all neatly compacted into 15 square metres. There’s even plenty of storage space. The design is inspired by the Russian Matroshka wooden dolls that hide inside each other. 

    Multi-purpose rooms, great design.

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  20. livinginashoebox:

    Artist Adam Frank’s light creations have a wonderful mystical quality about them. His Lumen Flames are a series of acid-etched, stainless steel, oil lamp shadow projectors that casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless motive. The Pine motive is also available with a specialized LED in place of the flame. Price: $48/$60 

    Reveal is a new type of ambient interior lighting. This small projector implies the presence of a real window by simulating sunlight entering through an imaginary window.
    Price: $280. Adam Frank will be exhibiting at BKLYN DESIGN next month. 

    Fore more design ideas: http://www.livinginashoebox.com

    Light never looked so good

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  22. tinyhousedarling:


    Ludovico Office created by Claudio Sibille  is a cabinet with a hidden chair and a  foldable table. The cabinet itself has three drawers and a room just above the top drawers and the ceiling used for storing laptops, books, or anything you can think of. This furniture can be easily transported anywhere thanks to it’s four wheels.

    Claudio Sibille won in 2012 the Golden A’ for Ludovico Office. 

    I want this built so badly!  I want this built for me!!!!

    Other options in the furniture front

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  24. papalagiblog:

    Free step by step plans to build a barn style greenhouse!

    »> pdf

    Lovely plans

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  26. papalagiblog:

    Passive Solar Greenhouses in Mongolia
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  28. Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

    Balcony Window